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I just returned from a family visit in Pensacola, Florida, where I enjoyed a great time with my family, friends and family members at a seafood restaurant. The PensACola FL area is home to a myriad of seafood restaurants serving delicious food and a fantastic atmosphere.

The legendary Flora Bama Lounge, also known as one of the best beach bars in the world, is one of the top Pensacola seafood restaurants. This place remains a favorite for its relaxed atmosphere, great food and excellent service.

Considered one of Florida's top 25 restaurants, the restaurant has been awarded the Wine Spectator Magazine Award of Excellence for its excellent service, wine list, food and service. It is considered one of the top restaurants in Florida and is considered a favorite by many residents and visitors to the restaurants in the city of Pensacola.

Fishermans Corner is not only the best seafood restaurant in Pensacola, but also the best restaurant in Perdido Key. Enjoy the picturesque view of the Gulf from almost every table in this restaurant And it's fun for everyone. A little - a known paradise for foodies in Florida and one of the most popular tourist destinations PensACola is also home to many good restaurants, and this makes it known for its good food, excellent service, excellent wine list and great atmosphere.

So forget to go to any other restaurant in Pensacola except the best seafood restaurant on Perdido Key or even the town of Pensacola.

While you wait, stick your toes in the sand right outside the restaurant or post your mail on the terrace of Casino Beach and dine on the beach.

If you want to add a little lawn to your surf, Sam's Seafood Steak & Spirits is the place to be. The Make Surf Turf option allows you to add six fresh prawns to any other steak you have on the menu. If you're more into seafood, there are plenty of options, including prawns and grains, oysters and even a lobster roll, but those with a larger appetite may want to try their Sauce of the Sea or Shrimp & Chips options.

Visit Sam's Seafood Steak & Spirits and Nick's Boathouse to learn more about the unique dishes you can get at this seafood restaurant in Pensacola. Follow Oar's House on Facebook and Twitter for more information on all the fish dishes and dishes they offer.

Steven has lived in Pensacola, Florida all his life and knows exactly where to find the best local food. He is an avid reader of local food news and a fan of everything local, but he is particularly interested in local cuisine.

Most seafood comes from the Gulf of Mexico, and Pensacola is located on its bay or Gulf of Mexico, meaning the fresh seafood is easy to catch and enjoy. Guests have a choice of steaks and burgers to satisfy other cravings, but those with a hearty appetite should order a seafood combination that includes shrimp, crab, shrimp and grits, as well as a variety of other dishes. The seafood gumbo must be in the top 10 of my must-have list - alongside crab and shrimp, seafood gumbos to choose from.

Pensacola is home to an industry that gives the city a deep - rooted - pride in seafood, and I trust you when I say that you should spare your stomach for the gastronomic wonderland that is George's pizza. The grandeur of her pizza is enough to crown her as the best pizza at Pensacola, but the menu goes beyond pizza, including calories, salads and burgers. To further strengthen their ranking, you can also find a variety of other dishes, such as shrimp and grains, crab and shrimp gumbos, seafood gumbo and much more.

Besides local seafood, Flora and Bama act like five stages, but where Casino Beach Bar & Grille differs from others is the quality of their food and the variety of options available to them.

Come to town and find out why Pensacola's food is one of the best - kept secrets in the state of Florida, and don't take me at my word. You would get strong reviews for this restaurant because it's not so far off the beaten track.

View of Plaza Ferdinand, where Jackson's Steakhouse stands in an 1860s building - a building where President Andrew Jackson accepted the transfer of Florida from Spain in 1821 and where Pensacola was first colonized 450 years ago. Founded by a Greek restaurant owner named Georgio and his wife, it was bought by Carl Hixon, whose son is almost always behind the counter and now takes over most of the kitchen with his son.

Greek lollipops and specialties include shrimp, shrimp stuffed with seafood and a fried plate. The restaurant serves a variety of small plates to take away, from homemade noodle broth and soups to salads and sandwiches. Specialties include seafood - stuffed prawns and shrimp fries, as well as chicken and pork chops and fried chicken platters.

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