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For years, it seemed that everyone ruled Florida's Pensacola Panhandle home. Although it is the westernmost city in Florida, the area around the Naval Air Station in Pensacola has a history as home to the US Navy and Florida Air National Guard, as well as the state's largest military base.

There is a lot of training for naval pilots, flight officers and flight attendants, but there is also a lot to do outside of training. Here you will find a lot of military history as well as many great restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants.

In addition to the Blue Angels, Pensacola also hosts one of the largest aviation shows in the world, the Florida Air and Space Museum. In the extensive museum grounds you will see more than 150 restored aircraft that tell the story of the flight over the century in the City of Five Flags.

The best place to see all the action is the Pensacola Aerospace Museum, the largest aviation museum in the United States and one of the largest in the world.

In Pensacola, this place is a great place to be active and get up close to nature. Start at the waterfront monument in Plaza Luna and work your way through the heart of downtown Pensacola. To find the most pristine beach, head to the beach park on the east side of the city, just off Main Street.

With artifacts and exhibits highlighting Florida's rich heritage, the Wentworth Museum is a must see - and one of several in historic Pensacola Village that history buffs will love, along with several other historic buildings. Here you'll find outdoor murals paying homage to Pensacola's historically black shops and neighborhoods, as well as a cafe that many locals call the best collar green in town. Across the street from the lighthouse, there is a great place to have an aerospace enthusiast in your household. Children and adults can climb into the cockpit of an aircraft and view the world's first full-size flight simulator.

From May to October, local bands play at Gulfside Pavilion on Tuesdays. Enjoy a sand sculpture competition, live music, food trucks and live entertainment on the beach, as well as a variety of activities for children.

FYI, Gulf Breeze Sailing also offers full and half day sailing, so enjoy a full day sailing on one of their sailboats.

While they offer regular seasonal services from May to August, when you shoulder the season, you can enjoy a simple and comfortable schedule that will take you to your desired destination. So, read on and start planning your next trip, save money and get access to some of the best vacation destinations in the state of Florida for just a fraction of what you need for accommodation.

So, pack a lightweight jacket, swimsuit, beach toys and get ready for some holiday fun under the Florida sun. Visit the Pensacola Lighthouse Museum and walk 177 steps to enjoy stunning views of the Gulf Coast. If you want to go barefoot up the stairs (which I do, according to Coast Guard rules), skip the flip flop and go to the beach. Enjoy all that Pensacola Beach, Florida has to offer during the holiday season, and you might just see Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus paddling and paddling and ray fishing on the beaches.

Once you arrive in the Pensacola Bay Area, you will be surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Florida Keys. While a cotton candy - a colorful sunset on the beach or a warm, sun-drenched coastal town - would be enough to entice everyone to Pensacola, this sun-kissed, warm coastal town has more to offer than just sunsets.

Several parks allow you to enjoy hours of beauty in the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Florida Keys, or enjoy a picnic in one of the National Park Service-managed parks. Did we mention that there are also a number of parks in the Pensacola Bay Area, such as the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park? This park is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, just a few miles south of Pensacola and is part of the Gulf Island National Wildlife Refuge (GINF).

Dolphin tours, canoeing and diving are just some of the activities that can be done along the coast and are free of charge. From toes in the sand to the angelic sky in Pensacola, there's a lot of free things to do.

Sports fans will find something to root for in Pensacola all year round - whether you're doing sports during the minor league season or just relaxing. Whether you want to be part of the ongoing festivities that mark the season at Pensacola Beach, you'll have something for everyone. Here you will find everything from European-painted furniture to art installations that will delight you. Located a few kilometres south of the city centre and a short drive from the city centre, it is the perfect place to play in the lower leagues.

More About Pensacola

More About Pensacola